Madison Alvarez (she/her)

Public Health Associate
Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention and Control Program


I work at the Department of Health Services in the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP). As TPCP's Public Health Associate, I work on a variety of projects focusing on health equity, smoke-free multiunit housing, communication, youth cessation, and the integration of commercial tobacco and other substance use prevention programming. I work at TPCP through a CDC program which places recent college graduates at state/local public health agencies for two years of on-the-job training. In my case, that meant getting to move from Texas to Madison, WI to work at TPCP. To answer the two most common questions I get about that: 1) Yes, I am always cold here as a Texan in Wisconsin. 2) And, yes, it is really confusing to have the same name as the city you live in. I look forward to getting to know more members of the movement throughout the rest of my time in the program!