Other Tobacco Products Toolkit

Other Tobacco Products Toolkit

As cigarette smoking rates have dropped, the tobacco industry has created new products to keep users hooked and find new customers. These "other tobacco products" (OTPs) are harmful and addictive, plus they're marketed aggressively and priced inexpensively. That's not safe, not fair, and not good for Wisconsin.

When educating about OTPs, it’s important to stress the following messages:

Talking to parents? Check out Tobacco is Changing: Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Talking to youth? Check out OTP Messaging with Youth Recommendations (DPI)

Effective outreach can can include meetings, presentations, and earned media.


When educating about OTPs be sure to hit:


Incorporate the points above and consider using the following presentation template to help you get started.

Earned Media

Customize the resources below to garner earned media on OTPs.

Ideas for using visuals to help tell your story:

OTP Plates

Arrange OTP plates to show how the products look and smell like candy

OTP Plate 1

OTP Plate 2

Photos from Retail Assessments

Print or use your phone to show photos from retail assessments to show why this is relevant in your community.

Sources for Photos for Presentations, Newsletters or Meetings

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