Impact Stories: Alliance Uses Newsletter Spotlight to Educate on Health Equity

Each month, the Nicotine Prevention Alliance of Central Wisconsin uses a dedicated section of their newsletter to highlight issues related to health equity. The "Health Equity Corner" takes different forms each month, highlighting learning opportunities, news stories, or trends in different populations of focus. The "Health Equity Corner" helps the Alliance communicate health equity to individuals that aren't able to regularly attend alliance meetings or that don’t yet feel comfortable sharing their thoughts during equity conversations, but are interested in and can benefit from being part of them. Perhaps most importantly, the "Health Equity Corner" keeps the conversation going, reminding everyone that health equity is not a one-time conversation and encouraging members to continue integrating the principles of health equity into their work.

Kudos to the Nicotine Prevention Alliance of Central Wisconsin for their work in this area!

Health Equity Spotlight Picture featuring WiNTiP