New Federal Policies Raise Tobacco Age to 21, Partially Restrict E-Cigarette Flavors

Two newly announced federal policies raise the legal age to buy tobacco and restrict some flavors in pod or cartridge-based systems. The first law makes 21 the legal age to purchase tobacco in the U.S. The law is currently in effect, meaning tobacco retailers cannot sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to those under the age of 21. The FDA is responsible for the law's enforcement.

The second policy comes from the FDA and prohibits the use of fruit, candy, and mint flavors for pod or cartridge-based e-cigarettes (tobacco and menthol flavors for those products are exempted). The policy also exempts e-juice flavors for open systems like mod and tank-based e-cigarettes. The policy takes effect 30 days from when the policy publishes in the federal registrar.

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