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New Report Illustrates Heavy Toll Tobacco Takes on Wisconsin

The 2015 Burden of Tobacco in Wisconsin report from the UW-Milwaukee Center for Urban Initiatives and Research shows the destructive impact that tobacco continues to have on Wisconsin.  The report finds that tobacco is responsible for 15% of all Wisconsin deaths for those 35 and older and accounts for $4.6 billion dollars annually in health care expenses and lost productivity.  Sadly, the financial costs associated with tobacco continue to rise, as the $4.6 billion number marks an increase of $100 million dollars from the number reported in the 2010 Burden report.  Other findings from the report include:

  • During 2008-2012, an estimated 6,678 people died from illnesses directly related to smoking each year
  • Another 678 people died from illnesses and fires indirectly related to smoking
  • Collectively, 7,356 Wisconsin deaths were associated with tobacco use each year

The report can be found here.  

WPR Radio interview of Sara Salhi from American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network (minutes 1-10)

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