FACT Launches "Reach Out" Mental Health/Nicotine Campaign

FACT announced the creation and availability of their agency-designed campaign in mid-October. “REACH OUT” FACT Mental Health + Nicotine Campaign materials are now available in the FACT Resource Google Folder.

The tagline “Reach Out” and related materials were created based on submissions to last year’s Mental Health + Nicotine Contest and finalized with the youth board. These materials include resources to quit vaping/tobacco use and mental health resources. Another aspect to this campaign is sharing how FACT members and their peers cope with stress in a healthy way instead of using tobacco products like vapes.

What materials will you find in the REACH OUT Campaign?

  • Wellness Kit with Informational Palm Cards
    • Create your own wellness kit. Several ideas are provided.
    • Palm cards provide education and resources to quit or get mental health help. It can also be used as a standalone FACTivism. Palm cards have been professionally printed and can be sent out by FACT staff. Coloring Pages are also available.
  • Stickers
    • Use these reusable stickers as a “Stick It To ‘Em,” “Stick Around,” or “Tobacco Tricks, Not Treats” FACTivism. Stickers have been professionally printed can be be sent out by FACT staff.
  • Posters
    • Fill-in-the-blank on how to reduce stress instead of using tobacco/vapes and share the posters around school or the community. Digital files only.
  • Social Media
    • Social media posts can share how young people reduce stress instead of using tobacco/vapes. Optional text options are available within the instructions.

Please note, unbranded materials are available at www.FACTmovement.org. These materials are designed for groups who may not have the capacity to run a FACT group yet would like to incorporate the messaging around mental health + nicotine with Wisconsin-specific resources in mind. Please note that we do not have these unbranded materials in-house. Please download and print the digital files you need.

Contact Kim Larson or Abriana Luther of the American Lung Association in Wisconsin with questions or to request printed campaign materials in the mail.