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T21 Story in La Crosse: A Strong Local + State Earned Media Collaboration

Katie Boone of 7Cs in La Crosse collaborated with Gina Larsen of TPCP to contribute to this WKBT Channel 8 story about underage tobacco sales in Wisconsin. First broadcast on January 25, 2024, it was a “promoted story” by Allyson Fergot, which means she had more time to develop her story than the customary short turnaround. Some interesting points about this earned-media story development:

  • Allyson reached out to DHS about this story idea on January 16 after researching the WPR story by Margaret Faust from November 20, 2023.
  • Gina did an initial interview with Allyson, but before it began, she offered Katie’s contact information and explained the local tobacco coalition structure in Wisconsin. Allyson said she appreciated having a local source for her story.
  • Katie and Gina connected about this opportunity, and Katie kept Gina updated on her upcoming interview with Allyson.
  • Gina sent Katie the T21 talking points from last November to help her prepare.

This is a great example of how to build momentum by working together at the state and local level. We truly are all connected.

WKBT Channel 8 Story

Underage Nicotine Sales on the Rise link to story