First Breath Expanding Focus

Since 2001, First Breath has helped over 24,000 pregnant and postpartum individuals become and stay tobacco-free. First Breath takes a unique approach, partnering with over 280 organizations throughout the state to identify pregnant, postpartum, and caregiving people who use tobacco. Organizations refer individuals to First Breath, where our team of highly trained Health Educators provides strength-based, trauma-informed quit coaching. Through this approach, First Breath has been successful at reducing perinatal tobacco use, however, we have long seen the need to address other substances beyond tobacco. About half of First Breath participants use other substances and rates of prenatal substance use in Wisconsin remain stubbornly high. After several years of intense development and testing, we are thrilled to announce that First Breath has officially expanded its focus from just tobacco to all perinatal substance use. To learn more, get involved, or connect with First Breath click here or watch the First Update Breath Webinar.

First Breath Montage