Impact Stories: New Wisconsin Wins Tobacco 21 Billboard in Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Hispanic/Latinx Tobacco Prevention Network (WHLTPN) strives to address health disparities by raising awareness about the impact of commercial tobacco and e-cigarettes/vape use. Hispanic/Latinx youth are more likely to have higher rates of underage sales due to factors like industry targeting, limited access to resources, and language barriers. WHLTPN works with WI Wins and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to conduct commercial tobacco compliance investigations on local retailers. From September through October, we have completed 22 compliance checks, and only 3 were unsuccessful.

Our hope in publishing a Tobacco 21 billboard on our local south side is to continue spreading the message to retailers, parents, youth, and community members. This billboard is also a reminder for customers that the age-of-sale for commercial tobacco and e-cigarettes is 21 and that clerks should check for ID. Next time you are in our community, stop by to see our billboard located on 21st and Greenfield in Milwaukee! --Shared by Aaliyah Torres, BSW // WHLTPN Prevention Coordinator