Impactful Advertorial Placements

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The statewide Tobacco is Changing campaign was created in 2018 to help parents and other trusted adults understand the threat posed to young people by commercial tobacco and vaping products. Over the years, it has helped explain the introduction of widely-available vaping devices, the many ways big tobacco specifically targets youth to jumpstart a nicotine addiction, the ever-changing landscape of vaping products, and most recently—the negative impacts of nicotine on teen mental health.

As part of this ongoing campaign, the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program recently collaborated with several coalition partners to place six separate sponsored articles in Madison365. Established seven years ago, the highly respected Madison-based online publication has a target readership of people of color in Madison, Milwaukee, and the Fox Valley.

The Madison365 article placements offered the chance to dive deeper into the ways commercial tobacco disparately affects people of color and other targeted populations, including youth. The informative and engaging articles created by your peers and colleagues can be viewed at the following links:

Advertorials are a TPCP supported activity. Look for opportunities to invest in advertorial space in special sections of your local newspapers, health and wellness publications, regional economic development magazines, and chamber of commerce newsletters. Go ahead and ask if a given pub has advertorial or guest blog opportunities.

As always, you are welcome and invited to contact Gina Larsen, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Communications Coordinator, to brainstorm article ideas or get help making these kinds of connections.