News to Use: August 2023

Inside this update:

Tobacco 21 Paid Media Placements Have Relaunched Statewide

Tobacco 21 campaign graphic featuring two Wisconsin ID cards

The Tobacco 21 “21 Means 21, No Matter What” public-facing paid media campaign has restarted in Wisconsin. The new schedule runs from June 28-December 13, 2023.

The new media schedule takes into account several learnings from our last flight:

  • Gas pump and poster locations are new and more widely distributed to reach both the general public and tobacco retailers and support digital retargeting. (Digital out-of-home retargeting is when we use anonymized mobile location data to identify people who see our out-of-home posters, toppers, and paid digital screens, and these same consumers can then be retargeted online or on mobile with further T21 messaging.)
  • SnapChat is more precisely targeted to young people aged 18–21, as they have proven to be the most engaged in T21 messaging (and spend an average 2:20 on the DHS T21 landing page).
  • The LaCrosse TV market has been added to better cover the western part of the state.

Thinking Locally:


Paid statewide campaigns can open up excellent opportunities for local conversations. Consider how you might engage with local media about how the mission of Wisconsin Wins correlates with the T21 message and what you are doing locally to prevent underage sales.

Coming Soon: Youth Prevention Campaign Relaunch

Behind the Haze campaign image featuring two young people playing basketball, one has a lung illustration inset on his chest

The “Behind the Haze” campaign will restart on August 21 and run through December 31, 2023, using the same creative as our last flight.

The next issue of News to Use will include more about changes we’ve made to the campaign since the last run.

Wisconsin Quit Line Offers NRT, Live Chat with Coaches

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line logo

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line offers a two-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to adults who medically qualify. Participants can choose from nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenges. Enrollees can also talk, text, or live chat with a quit coach.

There are three ways to reach the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line:

Thinking Locally:


If you and your colleagues/members have been promoting the enhanced services (8 weeks of NRT, proactive coaching calls), please remove this specific promotional language from your communications, including social media. These enhanced services were first introduced in March and were offered until funding was depleted on July 16. The Quit Line is still here; only the enhanced offerings have ended.

When the Mayor Speaks …

Screenshot of mayor testimonial video

In June at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, the mayors adopted a resolution supporting the elimination of menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products. At this conference, CTFK taped testimonials from 14 mayors and former mayors and developed these testimonials into a highlight reel and five 30-second videos/ads.

Thinking Locally:


Please consider using these videos on your social media platforms — both the mayors’ and similar content you might create with your own local leaders.

The TPCP pages on the DHS website are completely updated

website illustration

Please visit the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program pages on the Wisconsin DHS website to see all new content. Every page has been updated, reorganized, made more interactive, and re-written to be warmer and more engaging.

There is one more JUUL Listening Session on August 9


You still have time to use to the Google link for JUUL Listening Session and Survey promotional materials, including a template news release. Online surveys must be completed by August 16.

All registration and survey links are available on the DHS website.

Did You Know?

  • News to Use (N2U) will be published monthly by the Wisconsin TPCP communications team for members of Wisconsin’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Movement. Gina Larsen and Ashley Voss collaborate to produce N2U and this is our first issue. Next month we expect that N2U will have a more attractive newsletter layout—that process is still in the works.
  • We love it when you contact us about the comms tools we provide/propose. That’s how we learn what you need and like. Please contact Gina Larsen in TPCP Communications to share feedback or brainstorm together.