News to Use: December 2023

Statewide Quit Line Paid Campaign Resumes

The Quit Line paid media campaign will restart December 4 and run through February 11, 2024. The previous flight ran from December 2022–March 2023, then had two campaign extensions through June 2023. Data below refers to the initial phase only, from December through March. Here are several key points about this campaign:

  • The campaign will continue to target adult smokers 25-54 statewide who are disproportionately affected by tobacco use, and this includes African American and Hispanic adults and low-income households (less than $50,000).
  • During the most recent flight, the campaign served 35.9 million impressions, which is 9.5% more than planned.
  • Of those impressions, 38.5% reached communities of color or Spanish speakers.
  • During the campaign, more than 4,203 inbound calls were made, and audiences clicked more than 113,900 times to the landing page.
  • Broadcast television drove the highest number of calls at 31%.
  • A key learning from the most recent flight was to feature less click-to-call messaging and instead encourage people to “learn more.” This is in response to research that shows people consider quitting far in advance of their first quit attempt.

Tactics for this new flight will include TV, online display, online video, and paid social. You can view a sampling of broadcast/video assets here:

Wendall English Wendell Spanish Angie English Angie Spanish Surprise

Stolen Moments

Update on JUUL Listening Session Results and Funding Opportunity

In November, we predicted a DHS news release, a published fact sheet, and tools for all of you to use to share the results of the JUUL Listening sessions from this past summer. As of press time, the DHS statewide news release and the fact sheet have been delayed. Therefore, let us pivot and make use of these social media posts that pull from the listening sessions.

A suggested caption might be: This past summer’s JUUL Settlement Listening Sessions and online surveys delivered valuable input from across the state about youth and young adult vaping. Learn more and apply for a Vaping Prevention and Treatment Initiatives (VPTI) Grant by Dec. 13.

Please note, because the deadline for VPTI grant applications is so close, you might also save these posts for when awardees are announced near the end of December.

Menthol Rule Communications: An Update

The Great American Smokeout passed without the anticipated FDA menthol rule being signed. Here is what we are doing to help prepare for the menthol rule from a communications perspective:

  • We are still working with WAATPN in Milwaukee, as they offered to take the lead in sending a media release that integrates quotes from DHS leaders into their perspectives.
  • We will also share a template version of this news release with coordinating social media assets. These resources will include opportunities to expand upon how the menthol rule will affect all Wisconsinites.
  • In the meantime, The CDC has released its state-specific Wisconsin Menthol Fact Sheet (CDC). We plan to have an enhanced version of this fact sheet developed in early 2024.

Tips From Former Smokers® PSAs are available

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) distributes Tips and other public service announcements (PSAs) to television and radio networks nationwide. Find the Wisconsin stations that ran the PSAs during the past year and use these helpful resources to support your local outreach to them—and others you wish to engage for the first time.

If the stations need access to the PSA files, the stations can contact Tom Derreaux ( or Jim Newman ( with OSH’s media vendor. If the stations would like more information about the campaign, please refer them to

Thinking Locally: Please use this opportunity to tell the station personnel about your program and what you offer related to tobacco control and public health—like information and connections to credible, local spokespeople—and encourage them to contact you anytime they are planning a tobacco-related story. You can also pitch earned media stories for the future.

Advertorial is an approved funding tactic for FY24

Advertorial is a blend of advertising and editorial. Advertorial is when you pay for article placement; it is often called sponsored content. A sponsored article that you submit to the publication/media outlet is commonly accompanied by ad space. When you pay for the advertorial placement, you will get both a published article and an ad or graphic. There are several benefits to advertorials:

  • You draft an article and work with editorial staff for the final copy. You have a final say in what gets published—and establish a relationship with pub staff.
  • If you want paid ad space in your community, this is a good route to achieving that goal within your scope of work.
  • Gina Larsen and Annie Rosemurgy at TPCP love writing and narrative. They can help you plan and draft your article if you want that support.

Did you Know? Advertorial is considered paid media, not earned media. This is because the sponsored content is contracted for a certain date and includes content specified by you, the “advertiser.”

Thinking Locally: If you are unsure how to contract for advertorial, the next time a media outlet contacts you for ad space, tell them you are interested in an advertorial placement, instead. Be aware that sometimes advertorials run only at certain times of year or as special sections.

Archived Synar/T21 Resources for Local Coalitions

We are reposting these communications tools here so they are archived for easier access in the future. These tools were shared via a separate email from Ashley Voss on Nov. 16, 2023.

On Nov. 16, 2023, Wisconsin DHS distributed this statewide news release: Wisconsin Underage Tobacco, Vape Sales Rise in 2023 | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

In the November 6 News to Use, we committed to having comms tools for local coalitions to use on this topic. Please find them here:

  1. Social media posts
  2. Template news release
  3. Talking points

Paid TPCP Media Campaigns: 2023-24

Review the latest updates on current or upcoming paid media campaigns. We will update this chart every month.