News to Use: September 2023


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Social Media Posts
(through mid-October)

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We are striving to give you social post content that will take you about six weeks into the future.

Please consider these ideas for use on your social media platforms.

  • Mental Health/Tobacco is Changing back-to-school posts
  • WI Wins Thank You posts for retailers
  • Upcoming holidays and observances

Questions? Please contact Ashley Voss for additional assistance with social media copy and graphics.

Youth Prevention Paid Media Placements Have Relaunched Statewide

The Youth Prevention “Behind the Haze” public-facing paid media campaign has restarted in Wisconsin. The new schedule runs from August 21–December 31, 2023.

The most recent Youth Prevention flight ran from December 2022 to March 2023. During this time, the campaign resulted in 34.4% more impressions than planned for a total of 26.5 million impressions. The Behind the Haze landing page saw 133.3K page views come directly from this campaign.

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Impressions are the number of times campaign content was displayed.
Engagement is when people interact with our content, like clicks, shares, and likes.

Creative assets for the "Behind the Haze" campaign will remain the same (See "Off " and "Hidden Weakness'' spots).

This schedule also takes into consideration several learnings from our last flight:

  • We will rotate the placement of “Off” and “Hidden Weakness” to prevent algorithms from optimizing one ad over the other if they ran at the same time. This is good funding stewardship and prevents ad fatigue.
  • We will invest in YouTube this time. Because we cannot buy audiences under age 18 for privacy reasons, we will place assets near other content known to be consumed by young people.
  • Music video buys on VEVO will prioritize Afro Pulse, Latin Pulse, and API Amplified audiences to specifically reach young people of color.
  • We are geofencing to deliver online content to young people within a 2-mile radius of all public and charter middle and high schools in Wisconsin. This will ensure consistent coverage across urban, rural, and suburban communities.

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Geofencing allows a user to set up triggers so that when an internet-connected smartphone enters a defined geographical boundary (i.e., a 2-mile radius of a school), we can initiate a specific action targeting that device, like sending a Behind the Haze digital ad.


Talk about the link between the statewide youth prevention campaign and how it connects with local youth efforts like FACT and/or non-punitive policy efforts within your local schools. Consider creating a local news release, LTE, or guest blog about how the availability of vapes necessitates the campaign launch and your local activism. Promote membership in your coalition. Mention the lack of a T21 law in Wisconsin. Feel free to contact Gina Larsen to brainstorm ideas.

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Topics of Conversation
Safe vape disposal is a timely topic for back-to-school time. This template news release is designed to flex to your coalition’s current activities around this issue. Speak in generalities or highlight local agencies who are involved with your specific efforts.

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Quick Questions
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Paid TPCP Media Campaigns: 2023-24
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