News to Use: March 2024

Statewide Paid Media Campaign Update

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The most recent statewide Youth Prevention Campaign flight, also known as Behind the Haze, ran from Aug. 21–Dec. 19, 2023. The tactics included out-of-home, streaming audio, streaming video, paid social, and exposed media retargeting.

  • With digital tactics alone, total impressions over-delivered by 57%.
  • Audiences were highly engaged, exceeding benchmarks set from the previous phase of the Youth Prevention campaign. Overall digital click through rate (CTR) increased by 35% and video completion rate (VCR) increased by 3%.
  • This campaign continued to use tactics that specifically reach Communities of Color. Nearly 30% of digital impressions delivered and 20% of clicks came from Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian communities.
  • The Behind the Haze landing page saw 72.7K engaged sessions directly from this campaign.

Two interesting factoids from the end-of-campaign report:

  • The Vevo music video streaming service was particularly successful in reaching young Hispanic listeners.
  • Two simple interactive Instagram surveys were included in IG paid social placements:
    • The time to quit is now. What’s your plan? 385 – find a free service; 2115 – quit on my own
    • What’s your reason not to vape? 713 – developing asthma; 1192–getting pneumonia
    • We will seek out more opportunities for IG polls in the future.

Earned Media Collaborations are Creating a Buzz

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There has been an uptick in earned media collaborations between TPCP staff and our funded partners across the state. One of the most recent “wins” was an article about JUUL Settlement Funds helping young adults who vape, as published in the Badger Herald. When a DHS news release goes out, Gina Larsen, TPCP Communications, often fields the media inquiries. She then links the journalists to their local tobacco coalitions or to coordinators who are working on a project related to their story angle. Here’s how TPCP can support you as you embrace these opportunities:

  • Gina will reach out to you before forwarding your name to the journalist to ensure you are available and ready to accept the inquiry.
  • Gina can tell you about the tenor of her interview and the journalist’s interview style. This may help you prep your remarks and know what to expect on the call.
  • Gina can send you talking points, if you like, or hop on a call to discuss the opportunity with you.
  • If you do a local interview and think that a journalist might like to also hear from a TPCP team member, please refer them to the DHS Media Line and tell them to ask to speak to Gina Larsen. Gina will happily link your reporter to other subject matter experts within TPCP and/or its funded partners, too.

Many thanks to all of you who jump on board and have these valuable conversations with members of the media.

JUUL Settlement on TPCP Web Pages

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There is fresh content on the Wisconsin DHS TPCP web pages on the subject of the multiyear JUUL Settlement.

This page will highlight the valuable work of our teams, funded partners, and grantees now and in the years to come.

“Do you have anything to add?”

When a reporter asks at the end of an interview, “Do you have anything else to add?” remember to say, “Yes, let me tell you about the special situation in Wisconsin, where we lack a state Tobacco 21 law, and it doesn’t match the federal Tobacco 21 law that our state tobacco retailers are required to follow …”

Earned Media Opportunity: Vape Shop Licensing

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On December 6, 2023, Wisconsin Act 73 was signed into law. Among other changes, this legislation subjects electronic vaping devices to the same retail licensing requirements as cigarettes and tobacco products. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued a news release on February 26, 2024, on this topic.

Thinking Locally

Please consider embracing this opportunity to pitch a news story to your local media outlets about access to tobacco and vaping products in the communities you serve. This is a good time to initiate conversations around Tobacco 21, ongoing retail inspections, your outreach to tobacco and nicotine retailers and municipal clerks, and the need to further other tobacco prevention and control policy initiatives. This news release template is a good starting point.

Messaging on Menthol

The CDC Tips ® from Former Smokers Campaign relaunched in February. This year’s creative is steeped in the harm and history of menthol on people and families. There are many high-quality communications tools available for your use.

Thinking Locally

The Wisconsin African American Tobacco Prevention Network is currently doing powerful menthol messaging in Milwaukee to correct misinformation around the pending menthol rule. The team has collaborated with TPCP to produce social posts to raise awareness of the scourge of menthol on all Wisconsin communities. Please customize these assets to spark conversations where you live and work. The image library includes people from many ages and backgrounds.

Paid TPCP Media Campaigns: 2023-24

Review the latest updates on current or upcoming paid media campaigns. We update this chart every month.

Please contact Gina Larsen or Ashley Voss with questions or suggestions about this and future issues of News to Use.