News to Use: October 2023


  • Tobacco is Changing Campaign Update
  • Social Media Ideas
  • Vape Disposal LTE
  • Letter to the FDA Gratitude
  • Paid Media Campaigns 2023-24

Tobacco is Changing Paid Media Placements Have Relaunched Statewide

The “Dangerous Loop” messaging has restarted in Wisconsin. Video assets are available in both Spanish and English. The target audience remains parents of middle and high school youth and other trusted adults.

The most recent TIC campaign flight ran from Dec. 27, 2022, to March 12, 2023. Audiences clicked more than 35.9k times to Tobacco is Changing web pages, resulting in 11.3k unique page views. This was a 280% increase from the last phase of the campaign.

The new schedule includes several updated tactics in addition to customary TV, print, online video, audio streaming, online display, and paid social. We will:

  • Add in-game audio placement to reach parents while playing games on their phones.
  • Place ads on TeamSnap, an app that connects coaches with parents whose children are in organized sports.
  • Sponsor "Conversations on Race," a local Milwaukee television show that addresses important community issues in the city.

Thinking Locally

Talk about the link between the statewide Tobacco is Changing campaign and how it calls out the predatory behavior of Big Tobacco.

  • Do person-on-the-street surveys or videos. Ask people if they know what synthetic nicotine is, if vapes have the same amount of tobacco as combustible cigarettes, if they know nicotine aggravates anxiety (not ease it), or that fruity flavors are a trick to get young people addicted. Link your content to posts online or use it to kick-start a blog or LTE that explains why we need a TIC campaign in Wisconsin—and in your community.
  • Mention the lack of a T21 law in Wisconsin.

Feel free to contact Gina Larsen to brainstorm ideas.

Did You Know?

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The Tobacco is Changing (TIC) campaign was first launched in Wisconsin in 2018 and made available to other states at low or no cost via the CDC Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC). Since that time, more than 18 states have downloaded over 100 Wisconsin-original TIC campaign assets via the MCRC.

Ideas to Fill Your Social Calendar

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Please consider these ideas for use on your organization's social media platforms during October and November:

  • Vape disposal posts
  • CDC feature article - Protecting youth from the harms of vaping
  • Halloween
  • Additional holidays and observances

View sample copy, browse resources and/or download graphics.


Vape Disposal

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The challenging issue of vape disposal is an effective way to engage environmentally conscious people with tobacco activism.

This Vape Disposal LTE can flex to your author’s perspectives or they may submit it as-is. 


Letter to the FDA

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TPCP and FACT are collaborating to express our gratitude to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office for signing onto a letter to the FDA.

Please consider using this post/newsletter content for your adult and youth audiences:

Thank you to the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office for standing up for young people who are relentlessly targeted by Big Tobacco.

Assistant AG Eric Wilson recently signed on to a letter to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) along with 33 other states attorneys to urge the FDA to:

  • Prohibit all non-tobacco flavors in vapes (like fruity flavors designed to get kids hooked)
  • Regulate the concentration and quantity of addictive nicotine in vapes
  • Restrict marketing that targets young people
  • Close the loophole that allows so-called “disposable” vapes to contain flavored e-liquid

Thank you for standing up for Wisconsin’s young people. When we work together, we really can make a difference.

Abriana Luther at FACT will also contact FACT groups with specific youth-inspired language and guidance.

Paid Media Campaigns: 2023-24

Review the latest updates on current or upcoming paid media campaigns. We update this chart for you every month.