Health Equity 101 Modules


MATCH partnered with the Wisconsin Center for Public Health Education Training (WiCPHET) to develop three health equity 101 training modules. These modules are geared toward people already working in public health, as well as students seeking a master of public health degree.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing these modules, you will be able to:

  • Use a broad definition of health that includes social determinants
  • Reflect on how conditions of power shape social determinants and health inequities
  • Identify opportunities to operationalize strategies to advance health equity in your own work or practice.

Health Equity Module 1 | Introduction (Approx. 10 mins) Transcript

The first module begins with an introduction to health equity. It discusses how health is more than just sickness or its absence, and that health inequities are more than just differences in health outcomes.

Health Equity Module 2 | Health and Power (Approx. 10 mins) Transcript

The second module explores the relationship between health and power, considering what it means to suggest that “the root cause of health inequity is powerlessness.”

Health Equity Module 3 | Operationalize Health Equity (Approx. 20 mins) Transcript

The third module discusses ideas for operationalizing health equity in practice, and specifically looks at opportunities to expand the definition of health, strategically use data, assess and influence the policy context, and strengthen community capacity to act on health inequities.

Additional Resources

Visit WiCPHET’s Health Equity Series page for additional tools and resources.