Retail Environment Toolkit

Retail Environment Toolkit

The retail environment has a significant impact on community health. Research suggests changing the retail environment can help prevent chronic disease. The following are resources on what you need to get started, how to conduct an assessment, and what to do with the information collected.

Tobacco companies now spend the vast majority of their advertising and promotional dollars at the point of sale (POS). POS promotions include exterior and interior tobacco advertisements, price discounts, product placement strategies, and incentives offered to retailers to increase in-store marketing. The tobacco industry spends over $100 million in Wisconsin on marketing each year.

Retail assessments provide you and your coalition with the opportunity to discover and document youth exposure to tobacco products in your community. For assessment tools and other training information, visit Counter Tobacco and below.

Findings from retail assessments can be used in a variety of ways, including sharing highlights in earned media, and educating community members, local leaders, and state leaders during informational meetings, community forums, and personal meetings. The following are resources that can help you tell your retail environment story.

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