Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit

Clear Gains, Wisconsin’s smoke-free multi-unit housing initiative, promotes voluntary smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing across the state. Smoke-free housing is about saving property managers money and hassle, and providing residents with a healthier place to live.

Six Guiding Principles

  1. Focus on decision makers Outreach and education is directed at decision makers such as property owners and managers to create the highest impact of residents affected.
  2. Business impact is leading message Smoke-free policies are profitable, popular, legal, and healthy. The health impacts of eliminating secondhand smoke are an important supporting message.
  3. Prohibit smoking, NOT smokers It needs to be very clear that smokers are still allowed to live in complexes with these policies.
  4. Voluntary, not regulatory policies Voluntary policies allow us to build a relationship with housing authorities and property managers in a positive fashion.
  5. Avoid tenant/property owner disputes Provide knowledge and resources and work to avoid disputes between parties.
  6. Public and private housing Ensure that both public and private housing are covered in outreach.

Steps for Achieving Smoke-Free MUH Policies

This information helps coordinators prepare for work in smoke-free multi-unit housing (SFMUH). Where to begin depends on your local context. Contact your contract administrator for help.

Preparing for Outreach

The presentation template and logo can be used in your material and presentations.

A lot of this work is meeting and presenting the benefits of smoke-free housing to property managers and owners. These resources can be used to prepare for and use in meetings and presentations.

Private and Public Owners/Managers

These materials are also housed on Clear Gains ( ).

As an incentive for going smoke-free or being smoke-free, let the manager or owner know about the free advertisement they can receive through the Clear Gain Network's FREE Housing Finder .

Property highlights are to be used to spotlight properties that have already gone smoke-free and be used as a resource example for managers/owners that are thinking about going smoke-free. If you would like to add a property you have been working with to the spotlight list, fill out the draft below.

HUD Ruling (Public Housing Only)


Resident Engagement Sessions

  • Resources coming soon!

Tools for Cessation

Check out the Cessation Toolkit for local resources and information.

Additional Cessation Resources for Residents

Cultivating local stakeholders is an important activity to expand your capacity around smoke-free housing outreach and educational efforts. These partners can help in a variety of ways including presentations, outreach to property management and partners and media advocacy activities. Helping to build the statewide Clear Gains Network is an important way to further engage your local smoke-free housing champions. It provides them an opportunity to provide valuable insight and feedback to the initiative's direction and connects them with others around the state also doing great work. As Clear Gains Network partners, they will also receive regular Clear Gains newsletters and receive acknowledgement in promotional materials.


Refer to the frequently asked questions of coordinators or contact your contract administrator or state SFMUH lead:

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